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Benedicte Caillat

I was born in a large happy family where girls are the norm (I have three sisters, two nieces, and two daughters!). During a cold and rainy Easter holiday, aged 9, I was introduced to watercolour and haven’t put my brushes down since.
After my school teachers finally gave up on me, I embarked on a Degree of History of Art followed by a Fine Arts school qualification.
My love of warm weather and blue skies brought me to London in 2001, where I have carried on painting whilst working in Publishing. I then decided to make the big jump and commit to my art full-time, supported by my fan-club (my two daughters and my cat).
I now create watercolour illustrations for cards, editorial, stationery, and much more; and carry on painting on larger scales in acrylic.
I love (in random order): deep colours, vintage papers, cooking, countryside landscapes, black and white movies, pop and classical music, illustrated travel books, brush strokes on raw canvas and the Mediterranean.
If I wasn’t an artist, I guess I would be a Pastry Chef like my great-grand-mother. For now, I love illustrating cakes and chocolates – and then eating them!
You can see more of my work on my website