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Chloe Bonfield

I was born in London but grew up in weird Wiltshire, then heading back to London to study. And I'm still living there now.
I love the mixture of Wilderness and urban craziness. And I feel that some of my work comes from the space in between those two places. Urbawild maybe..?
This is possibly how my birds get carried away with their feathers, and my plants get a bit lively and triffid like!
After graduating from Camberwell in 2008, I have worked as a practising illustrator in education, art direction, animation and art licensing. I also have a massive passion for hand made books and print making.
In the past few years I have worked for clients ranging from Nokia and Wieden and Kennedy, to Sky sports and electronic musicians. I love to make diverse work at the same time as creating a submersive illustrative world that can translate from project to project.
After working with children and young people for organisations such as the house of illustration and Thames festival, for 5 years now, I feel that I have the intention and research to translate work into children's illustration. Seeing the amazing benefits of illustration in education and also to just figure those tricky 'life' things out , has been an inspiration to me.
I also like to sing and dance around a bit, hang out with my cat, and swim In Lakes or outdoor pools, or both.